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Finding a quality cleaning service can be both time-consuming and costly. With so many service providers in operation, ranging from franchised businesses to local providers of all sizes, it is difficult to identify a good quality cleaning service.

Avoid disastrous results and find a quality house cleaning service that will keep your home sparkling clean and give you peace of mind.

Protect Your Home from Un-Insured House Cleaners

How to Ensure Your House Cleaner is Insured. It's easy to get proof of insurance — simply ask the house cleaning service to have their insurance company fax or mail you a copy of their certificate of insurance. 

The Certificate of Liability Insurance will list the company as the certificate holder. It will also list the name of the insurance broker, the insurance company and the name of the cleaning company that is insured.

A house cleaning company may offer a photocopy of their insurance policy as proof of insurance. Never accept this as there's no way for you to know whether the policy is current.

The policy could have been cancelled the day after it was issued. Without proof of insurance directly from the insurance company you could be paying the rate of a house cleaning company with insurance while unknowingly putting yourself at risk every time the house cleaner is on your property.

Every reputable cleaning company will be happy to provide proof of insurance. Enjoy peace of mind every time your home is cleaned. Choose a cleaning company that has insurance to protect you and your home in case of damage to your property and injury to the house cleaners while they are on your property.

Maid For You carries a $1,000,000 liability policy to protect you and your home.

For Your Protection

Before the first cleaning go through the house with the house cleaner to find out what they plan to use on the various surfaces. Many inexperienced house cleaners use the wrong products or use the right products improperly. This can cause permanent damage or stains to your property.

Will the work be paid by the hour or by the job? A good house cleaner will try to complete all the work requested and adjust the quality accordingly. Avoid getting a house cleaner that charges hourly and spends more time than necessary to complete the job. 

Maid For You charges a flat rate to clean your home. Therefore, there are no financial surprises and we simply work as long as it takes to clean your home until it meets our high standards.


Ask for at least 4 references of current clients and check them out.

Maid For You clients are always ready and willing to share how happy they are with our services.

Cleaning Checklist

Ask the cleaning service for a cleaning checklist which will list all the services performed for each home cleaning. Make sure to ask if the cleaning company charges extra for services such as: washing dishes, making beds, changing sheets, washing baseboards, etc.

Maid For You has a Quality Control checklist that we utilize to insure that everything is being cleaned with each and every cleaning.


Ask if the cleaning service furnishes all the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home or if you are required to furnish all the supplies.

Maid For You furnishes all of the basic cleaning supplies. We are always open to using any specialty cleaners you have on hand for your home. However, we do prefer to use your vacuum simply for sanitary purposes.


Ask to see the companies policies on types of payment they accept, their cancellation policy and if they offer a guarantee.

Maid For You currently accepts cash and payments by check the day of service. We also accept credit and debit card payments to make things more convenient for you.  We do not have a penalty for cancellations. We also offer a guarantee of service. If you are not pleased with our work, we will gladly send out our crew to make the job right.

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